CVM offer the following services

Process Serving – Serving complaints, Summons, Divorce papers, and many other documents as issued by the state and federal courts. All effort is made to interview current occupiers and/or neighbours ensuring forwarding addresses are recorded for future service. Detailed attempt affidavits are prepared if the service is unsuccessful.

Field Calls – Attending debtors address in order to confirm residency, contact details and reason for non payment. Phone contact is also conducted.

Asset Recovery– If all attempts to recover the debt have failed, CVM will attend the address to execute a repossession authority. The repossession process is completed with a high level of professionalism, which is both sympathetic to the customer’s situation, but very mindful of the required outcome.

Evictions– Once an occupier has been evicted from a property, CVM attend to secure the premises (Lock change), take photographs and complete an inspection report.