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Stats on consumer debt collection aren't as rosy as they look

American Banker - 5 days ago
American consumers, especially those with low credit scores, appear to have benefited in recent quarters from broad changes in how third-party collection agencies report collection accounts to credit...

Consumer Watchdog: Debt collectors have a new scheme afoot

Evansville Courier & Press - 2 weeks ago
Shady debt collection tactics topped the list of complaints by Hoosiers to the Federal Trade Commission last year, so it's important to know about a relatively new industry practice that has led...

Overhaul Boosts Credit Scores of Millions of U.S. Consumers

WSJ - 5 days ago
The credit scores of millions of Americans have risen following a broad change in how credit-reporting firms handle negative credit information such...

Lincoln's Stovepipe Hat and Letters Could Be Sold to Ease Nonprofit's Debt

New York Times - 5 hours ago
A school group touring the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Ill. A separate nonprofit with a collection there has warned it might need to sell artifacts to erase a debt...

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